We find and hire great people and we support them to grow in their roles and as part of a team through our Great Place to Work™ programme, so you’ll enjoy working with us.


Working with us gives you access to a deep pool of talent. It’s made up of our retail, food and consumables supply experts. Our data and analytics team, sourced from the world’s top scientific institutions. And our engineers, capable of creating operational big data solutions.


Our clients typically see 3-10x ROI in their first year with us. They see availability and comparable sales improve by 0.5-1.8%. They see waste bills shrink by 9-24% year-on-year. We’ve helped one UK client save over £15m per year on their waste bill, enabled one US retailer to deliver $0.5bn of sales improvement, and in one Asian retailer we reduced lost sales due to out-of-stocks by 40% per week.


The foundation of everything we do is a commitment to helping your organisation grow. Whether it’s growing your sales or growing your business opportunities. Whether it’s growing your customer trust or growing your ability to run successful promotions. But we know if you can’t measure growth, you can’t improve. So, we guarantee measurable ROI.