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Lost sales and out-of-stocks

You make careful strategic and tactical choices to stock consumer goods in your stores. But if these products aren’t available for shoppers to buy due to being out of stock (OOS), damaged, misplaced or without the correct POS, then you potentially lose that sale. Items out of stock, often caused by replenishment issues, are a continued frustration for shoppers, retailers and brand owners. According to Harvard Business Review, poor inventory control causes at least a 4% loss in potential sales, with the real chance that this frustration leads them to leave the retailer or brand forever. With the growth in online service from store, Click & Collect and Delivery, it also has the potential to upset online customers.

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Outdated internal processes

For many retailers, internal manual gap checks assess the shelves at specified times every day, but the inefficient processes put extra strain on stretched replenishment teams. These checks are often supplemented with store inventory data, but in stock availability doesn’t always equate to a product being ready to purchase, and availability in the store’s warehouse is unlikely to delight the shopper.

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Missed opportunities

From our extensive research and experience, we know that 35-50% of lost sales issues can be fixed at store level, while the rest require upstream intervention. Root cause analysis allows you to understand the broad cause of all items out of stock and resource appropriately. So, you can remedy both immediate and strategic issues for the long-term through process improvement.

The results


sales improvement

One grocery store delivered payback within three months, showing a 1.27% month-one like for like sales improvement


pts sales growth

An APAC grocery and convenience retailer attributed 1.8%pts of its annual like for like sales growth to this product


sales uplift

A $46bn multi-format retailer recorded an overall test vs control sales uplift of 0.40%, in the three months prior to full roll out

Solve challenges with our On Shelf Availability and Saleability solution

Drive action
Increased Retail Sales

Drive action

  • Identify true lost sales, including substitution effects, with a globally-proven alert system analysing every product, every hour, in every store
  • Provide clarity on the causes of stock outs through the supply chain
  • Help store staff quickly fix stock replenishment issues within their control
  • Enable more targeted replenishment and inventory management whilst balancing store labour activity to consistently deliver increased sales
Grow trust

Grow trust within your business, with customers and with suppliers

  • See what your shoppers see on the shelf, including promotions and secondary space
  • Ensure shoppers can find the right product when and where they want it
  • Use a leading analytical tool that’s trusted and proven for improving inventory control and retail availability across global grocery retail clients
  • Rely on a system that processes over 3.6bn product records of data each day for clients around the world
Simplify complex processes

Simplify complex processes and speed up time-to-value

  • Cover consumer goods in all your stores, regardless of format or location
  • Alert staff instantly when sales are impacted, so they can intervene to drive sales and improve supermarket stock management
  • Enable rapid deployment as the solution is secure, scalable and works with internal IT

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