Retail Compliance

Retail Compliance

Ensure excellence in promotional execution

Retail compliance

Make valuable and immediate in-store changes to hit 90% compliance

Promotional investment can increase sales and growth. But for many retailers, poor store compliance to head office plans erode planned returns as volume uplifts aren’t achieved, stock doesn’t stick to the shop floor and overhangs occur, lowering inventory turns, increasing complexity and impacting labour as associates manage the stock back into the store warehouse.

Slow processes and disparate systems

Slow processes and disparate systems

Without shared information on revenue, pricing and promotion, it’s almost impossible to develop or execute new promotions swiftly. Bad promotional design and poor communication combined with disparate systems and technologies adds multiple levels of complexity to an already ineffective process.

Day one is essential

Day one is essential

The sales profile for promotions is substantially biased, with up to 20% of planned incremental sales missed when products aren’t available in the first few days of launch. At the other end of the cycle, we see over 8% of working capital tied up in stock overhangs, resulting in the need to markdown.

Lack of real insight

Lack of real insight

Many corporate systems don’t have the required level of analytical capabilities to offer useful insight when connecting promotional design to execution. We’ve found the hours to implement new promotions, modular layouts and new product listings are significant, often accounting for 40% of total labour spent in store. But these activities are rarely informed or targeted by data and insight.

The results


in incremental sales

The national arm of a leading global retailer improved promotional setup compliance by 7%pts, generating incremental sales exceeding $127m


redeployment opportunity

A UK grocer identified a 10% redeployment opportunity in their working capital by preventing post-promotion stock overhang


in incremental sales

A US retailer estimated $1.2Bn of incremental sales growth, through improving modular setup and item availability during the first 30 days of NPD items’ life-cycle

Solve challenges with our Retail Execution and Compliance product

Identify, prioritise and act
Identify prioritise and act

Identify, prioritise and act on your information

  • Identify deviations from plans and prioritise actions to fix issues rapidly and improve promotional compliance in stores
  • Prioritise the highest value opportunities through the identification of under-performing stores, categories and products
  • Increase execution compliance by 10%pts by prompting staff to make the most valuable and immediate changes
  • Give the promotional design team information on store execution; the impact on sales; and the impact stores have on category sales
Grow trust
Grow trust

Grow trust in adhering to promotion plans

  • Exceed 90% in execution compliance
  • Identify where new and promoted products haven’t been ranged, and where changes to store modulars haven’t been actioned on time
  • Prioritise your alerts to the highest value opportunities, rather than just deviation from plan
Get instant great results
Get instant great results

Start with instant great results that only get better

  • Realise significant sales uplifts and maximise labour and cost efficiencies
  • Achieve great results in a matter of weeks
  • Get the bigger picture with integration of data sources which haven’t historically been analysed together
  • Deliver substantial and continual improvements over time, as input data depth and detail increases

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