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Predictive analytics for better decisions

Drowning in data

The growth in collected data is growing at a phenomenal rate. Every second the world’s data increases by three times the amount currently held in the print archives of the US National Library of Congress. While most of it is largely irrelevant, you need excellent contextual awareness and filtering techniques to quickly disentangle the important things from the background noise.

Facts are often ignored

Traditionally, businesses have often acted based on gut-feel or rule-of-thumb, ignoring relevant statistical facts or analysis. Instead people opt for accessible hindsight which may not tell the full picture and is often biased. Businesses are complex, interconnected and interdependent operations and require us to consider many things at once. Simple heuristics aren’t enough.

Insight for the few

The output of analytics and insight programmes has often been designed for the few rather than the many. The cost of entry into an organisation’s data and insights is often too high an intellectual price for most to pay. The modelling is often complex, of course. But the outputs need to be simple and actionable if they are to be put to good use.

The results


sales improvement

The national arm of a leading global retailer identified the key drivers of sales performance to prioritise head office and store action to grow sales


sales growth across one brand

A UK brand owner identified a £15m sales opportunity for one category in one retailer through the optimisation of its category management approach


improvement in fresh waste

A UK retailer estimated a £19m improvement in their waste bill through the identification and creation of driver-centric action plans

Solve challenges with our Decision Engine

Identify, prioritise and act

Identify, prioritise and act on your information

  • Understand and leverage the most efficient and effective head office and in-store activities to drive sales and reduce costs
  • Identify the factors that have the greatest influence on your performance and understand what is in your control
  • Assess under-performance and prioritise the highest value opportunities and activities across trading, category management, supply chain, replenishment and store operations
Grow trust

Make it easy

  • One solution to combine and analyse all data
  • A retail-specific analytics engine to drive better decisions in retail operations – not a generic solution that has to be adapted to retail
  • Develop easy-to-follow action plans to capture significant value at both top- and bottom-line
Get instant great results

Start with instant great results that only get better

  • Realise significant sales and profit improvement opportunities
  • Quickly achieve great results
  • Get the bigger picture with integration of data sources not typically stored or analysed together
  • Deliver substantial and continual improvements over time, as depth and detail of input data increases
  • Plan and spend budgets more confidently by eliminating guesswork

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