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Limited visibility of information

Current methods of sharing information often result in the details getting lost or strategic priorities not being communicated. When field sales agents arrive in store, they can end up working without access to data and insight. The result – they may focus on stores or categories that don’t need support, while sales opportunities are missed elsewhere.

Time spent on short-term needs

Your field sales teams should spend their time helping stores to drive product and category sales, not arduously planning visits or collating and analysing data. Many field teams struggle to develop relationships with their retailers, as their time is squeezed by administrative or audit tasks which do not add value.

Increased pressure on the retail environment

In a dynamic and challenging retail environment with increasing cost and ROI pressures, near-real-time data can make all the difference. From promotions to shelf space, you need to prove how you can drive demonstrable sales improvements. The ability to show retail managers the value you’re delivering across your store cluster builds trust for the long-term.

The results



An FMCG maximised its events’ sales generating a 143% uplift over past features and negotiating incremental future store facings


availability gain

A leading consumer goods company identified variances with its manual audits, delivering 1.2%pts availability gain in nine months


store sales increase

A global drinks manufacturer drove a 40% store sales increase by understanding and resolving issues around peak trading times

Solve challenges with Compass

Take action

Take action right when it’s needed

  • Drive improvement at the store and shelf with action-focused insight
  • Help field teams plan effective visit schedules by highlighting the highest value store, category and product opportunities
  • Ensure your brands are tagged, in-stock, planogram compliant, and existing, new and promotional items are available for purchase
  • Deliver huge ROI
  • Use the analysis of your in-store interventions to help maximise the value from the time spent in the field
  • Create an analytics hub for head office insight to drive systemic change
Share information

Use the same source of information

  • Show store management the product, store and supply performance trends and how you can help them improve
  • Share the same information across the entire business, so everyone makes decisions from a single source of truth
  • Work with a partner who processes 5% of all global grocery retail EPOS data, and who has a deep understanding of the challenges in the market
Focus on sales

Let your sales teams focus on selling

  • Take action to improve sales quickly, with easy-to-understand insight for all users from head office to field
  • Remove the need for sales teams to spend time collating and analysing data so they can focus on selling and supporting the retailer
  • Constantly test the impact of your interventions in-store and then apply learnings and best practice every trading period

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