Joint Business Planning

Joint Business Planning

One joint business plan, one team, one number

Joint Business Planning

Develop intelligent, fact-based joint business plans (JBPs)
to drive sales and profitability, with Navigator

In as dynamic a sector as food and consumables, creating effective joint business plans is vital to clearly communicate, deliver and measure objectives. With complex trading accounts, time pressures, and communication challenges, it’s easy to see how spend can quickly spiral out of control.

Balance sales and spend

Balance sales and spend

In a constantly changing retail trading environment, you face the challenge of reducing trade spend, while managing the demands for increasing sales and margin for your retail customers. It’s a fine line to tread in pursuit of supermarket market share; without the right resource, data and evidence, it’s easy to make the wrong decision.

Complex, growing P&Ls

Complex, growing P&Ls

As retailers continue to squeeze their own resource, brand owners and suppliers require technologies to manage increasingly larger and more complex trading accounts. Sub-optimal revenue management systems, disconnected spreadsheets, user errors, data inaccuracies, and slow manual processes are no longer sufficient.

Lack of collaboration

Lack of collaboration

Retailers and suppliers need to collaborate to drive revenue growth, but it’s only possible if head office functions have one version of the truth. When disparate systems and documents are shared, it’s hard to know which is right, especially when you’re trying to make plans with your partners. That’s where joint planning and a joint business plan comes in.

The results


profit increase

In the UK, a global alcohol brand increased profit by £4m in year one with one customer


overspend addressed

In multiple APAC markets, a confectionery manufacturer addressed a 30% overspend by simplifying and aligning behaviours, processes and controls


ROI in year one

In the Nordics region, a CPG supplier generated a 10x ROI in the first year, building on visibility of trade spend and identifying efficiency improvements in the first three months

Solve challenges with Navigator

Manage net revenue
Manage net revenue

Manage your net revenue

  • Manage complex, growing profit and loss accounts that drive commercial relationships and revenue growth
  • Deliver in excess of 21% CAGR on margin over the first three years of launch
  • Improve trade spend effectiveness through robust and timely analytical decision-making
  • Model every transaction at every level to enable fact-based event planning
  • Improve future decision-making and understand your past success so you can repeat it
Ensure transparency
Ensure transparency

Ensure transparency, accuracy and visibility

  • Ensure transparent customer plans and clear profit evaluation with fact-based event planning and a single version of the truth
  • Create and align plans with customers, and ensure consistent communication and tracking
  • Provide an accurate audit trail and complete transparency
  • Enable central visibility and knowledge sharing, with an ongoing history of insight
Improve collaboration
Improve collaboration

Collaborate across departments

  • Let all departments work together with one version of the truth
  • Avoid the requirement for IT and hardware costs
  • Maximise effectiveness by planning and evaluating the performance of all trade spend
  • Customise Navigator for your local language, SAP and other ERP integrations, product hierarchy, joint business plan formats, and profit and loss definitions and calculations
  • Generate insight within six weeks of set-up, and evaluate and improve your plans by month four

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