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DART from Retail Insight

To help CPG manufacturers execute using data, we developed DART to deliver clear and concise
insight on store and head office opportunities, targeting increased sales, better distribution,
higher availability, and outstanding ROI.


DART, developed in partnership with McCurrach, is an analytics solution that informs decision making from store to head office.

Quickly give your teams the data they need to work smarter and drive revenue growth. Our solution is packaged in two action-led platforms, for Field Sales and Head Office users.

How it works for Field Sales

Traditionally, field sales teams are driven by targeted store calls and quotas each month, rather than the retail value they can deliver.
To do this, they need data and insight that powers revenue management decisions, including where to go and what to do, to grow their share of the retail market.
When you use DART, we take your available sales data from retailer systems and process it through our proprietary algorithms – to generate action-led insight.

How it works for Head Office

The DART Head Office web application provides client teams with access to sales data, item alerts, and clear action aligned to key operational metrics. All of this, in bespoke, tailored, and customisable reports.

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The results



Instead of manually collating and analysing data, DART produces actionable insights for you.

Field Sales can focus on execution, and Head Office can quickly understand the impact of decisions.



Near real-time data directs teams to the biggest opportunities in-store.

DART algorithms ensure promotional compliance, continued on-shelf availability, and improved field ROI for you.


On-Shelf Availability (OSA) improvement

Our EPOS OSA solution provides visibility across all stores, all products, and days of the week.

In addition, we can provide clear plans for all areas of the business to take action on the most important availability issues.

Understand the most important opportunities in-store

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