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In a rapidly changing market, you want to maintain and grow your sales whilst optimising your cost base. To give your customers what they want, when they want it, you need a highly effective retail operations model.

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Improve availability

Do your customers trust that they can always find what they want in your stores? Or do you suffer out-of-stock issues? Are your products on the right shelf, in the right place and in good condition? There are costly, labour-intensive processes that can fix these issues, but don’t you want to use data and insight to know exactly what to fix first and for what value?

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Reduce waste

From seasonal changes to short-term trading dynamics, product waste is inevitable. Do you have a system that can mitigate the risks from changes to your forecast? Even the best plans can change: would you like a solution that can help you minimise your waste and maximise the value of your sell-through, dynamically, using optimised markdown values for every store and every department?

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Empower sales teams

From limited visibility to poor spread of sales resource, are you struggling to improve your store processes and sales effectiveness? So, what if you could quickly help your field sales teams generate significant sales? Or if you instantly knew which stores need more, or most, assistance? And imagine if you could share this information with everyone from the field to HQ? Does that sound like a solution worth exploring?

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Ensure compliance

Investing in promotions is a key way to increase sales and growth, but are you finding that your effectiveness is compromised through poor compliance to plans? Are you left with excess stock at the end of each promotional period? Do you find that promotions can easily end up costing more than you make? Would you like a solution that uses all available data to quickly improve compliance in stores?

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Maximise net revenue

Trying to reduce your spiralling spend while increasing your sales and margin? It’s not easy. Are poor systems, data inaccuracies and sub-par processes slowing you down? Are you looking to deploy a solution that can create significant cost savings, improve efficiency and increase ROI? And do you want central visibility to improve decision making and to share and deploy best practice to manage and maximise your net revenue performance?

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Enhance performance

Are you trying to manage, measure and optimise your decisions and activities across an increasingly complex and data-rich organisation? Do you want to know what is working and what is not, and what’s in your control and what isn’t? Do you want to know what’s happened and predict what might happen in the future based on your data and decisions? Would you like a holistic, integrated, accurate, and actionable operational analytics solution to identify, prioritise and act to drive better performance?

Here’s what that looks like for leading global retailers and CPGs


increase in store sales

A global CPG increased store sales by 40% and gained 1.3%pts in availability from identifying the highest value opportunities


incremental sales identified

One global grocery retailer used precise modelling to accurately identify, isolate and quantify the key drivers of store sales performance


costs saved to-date

Time, stock and product-specific optimised pricing and processes drove a reduction in labour, cost and environmental impact